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Iconjar crashes on launch
Iconjar crashes on launch
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The first thing we recommend doing is to download the latest version of IconJar. It is possible that IconJar can’t launch due to an issue with a specific version of macOS which means it will never trigger the update dialogue.

If that doesn’t work and you still get a crash, it might be due to malformed/conflicting preferences. Open up Terminal and type the following command:
defaults delete com.iconjar.iconjar.

Then hit return, this will remove any preferences you have set and revert back to IconJar’s defaults. Then you can launch IconJar again.

A third, and last possibility, would be that your library got broken. To be sure, backup the following direction; ~/library/Application Support/Iconjar. Delete the directory and start the app again. You’ll notice that your icons are gone, therefore we always recommend people to keep a backup of their icons somewhere.

If neither of these work, please reach out to us for additional support.

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